Thank you for visiting Running Against the Grain. This website is dedicated to my perpetual search for ultimate truth. Once your heart resonates with the ultimate truth, you can never go back to living a lie. My lifequest is to become the best person I can be: spiritually, mentally and physically. I perpetually strive to attain the highest level of spiritual, mental and physical fitness. And once I reach that level, I take it a step further; always exploring and evolving.



St. Valentine 5K - 7-23-11 I ran my first 5K race in July of 2008. I have been eating a mostly raw vegan diet since 2009 after adhering to a strict low-carb diet for a couple of years prior to that. I am a minimalist/barefoot runner and ran my first full marathon in September of 2010 -- just 3 minutes shy of qualifying for Boston.

I worked as a music teacher and music minister for 18+ years before moving into a new home and I decided to devote more time to my home and family. I have also worked as an O.B. nurse and childbirth educator and am a fierce supporter of midwives, homebirth and breastfeeding (two of my four babies were born at home and all were breastfed). I have also been a web page designer and Internet programmer since 2000. I still run a small server and host several websites which I have designed and maintain along with a busy home network of nine computers.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance (Flute, Voice), am a Licensed Practical Nurse, I.C.E.A. Certified Childbirth Educator and have a Webmaster Certificate and when I grow up, I would like to get a Master's Degree possibly in Health/Nutrition/Fitness.





Every person in the United States needs to see this film at least once:

Food Inc.

I am proud to say that this site has earned the Barefoot Runners Society Stomp of Approval!

I have to include props for my favorite band, Family Force 5 :

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